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Around the Corner

If you've ordered something online and it's everything you had hoped it would be, then you'll understand my enthusiasm here.

I got a photography lightbox.

A lightbox is great for evenly lighting an object for a crisp close-up picture.  This may not seem like it relates to windows and doors, however this Friday afternoon I cracked open my Amazon purchase and nothing else existed for several hours.  I gathered up a series of window and door samples to finally capture some of our special sauce.  I took pictures of our welded corners.

If you are in the window and door industry, there is a good chance that you would not want to illuminate your corner welds and take a zoom lens to capture one of the most challenging components of your windows.  If you have (and didn't touch up the pictures) then lets see them!  That's right; a toe-to-toe welded corner challenge.  I know that we have impeccable finishing of our corners, and here's why; robust window systems, incredible machinery and the fabrication team to make this fit and finish an everyday reality.  

We have beautiful welded corners!

Should you be in the market for new windows and you have the opportunity to look at the options in person, keep the corner details in mind.  It's one of the most challenging areas to consistently refine.  Take a step back and see what catches your eye.  The overall finish should be clean and strong in appearance.  Your windows are one of the few components of your home that affect the exterior finish, your interior detailing and the comfort of your personal space.  It should look as new in future decades as it does the day you put it in.


The way a corner looks is one component, we're also dedicated to the test of time.  If you're looking to get your PhD in vinyl windows, perhaps our behind the scenes at a window test lab will interest you.  We tested our windows against many leading products in our industry and it reassured us that our immense focus in a clean weld provided us with all the feel-good results.


It's now Friday afternoon, everyone has left the building and I'm tapping away at my keyboard, looking to update these images and this message promptly, so can confidently boast that these images were captured and posted within a few hours.  Nothing but honest window love.


Windows guys - let's see what you've got.
Homeowners - I hope you come see our windows and doors in person - here are the showroom locations.


written by Laura Weil
sales / marketing / window geek