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What's in a name?

For over thirty years, we have be known as Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors Inc with an established reputation within the industry as a highly regarded manufacturer.  The company name originated from our manufacturing roots as an importer of Italian vinyl tilt-turn profiles.  This importing process became cumbersome and it was ideal to switch suppliers to REHAU North American vinyl profiles for tilt-turn windows (soon to include casement and sliders too).  Our commitment to these exceptional window and door designs and designated machinery has also attributed to our solid reputation.  Over the past decade or so, we have discovered that having the word Vinyl in our name put us in a category that does not have the best reputation.  There's a stigma there - and we needed to break free of it.  We were determined to demonstrate that what we do is beyond what you have seen before.  This has been achieved within our newly finished Glasshaus showroom. 

What we offer are beautiful, stylish, strong and refined windows & doors. Once you see our finishing, the stigma of a flimsy chalky vinyl window quickly dissipates.   The name Glasshaus was influenced by admired and acclaimed architect (and brilliant designer of window detailing), Philip Johnson.  In 1949 he built the Glass House in Connecticut which carries similar lines and detailing as other architects and designers that we admire, such as Mies van der Rohe and Ray & Charles Eames.  Our new showroom features window design lines that were used throughout these famed International and Modernist builds - but here in Woodbridge, we built this into our showroom at a scale that is often utilized in current residential designs throughout Canada.




All of this is within the same building; a manufacturing facility with an excellent legacy along with a sleek showroom to feature what we are passionate about and what we can offer. 
This is how we became euro+glasshaus

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