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Made to Fit and Function

Why can't our industry agree on standard sizes?  Every region of window and door manufacturing across North America seems to have it's own special formula for sliding door dimensions.  The 6'0 by 6'8 sliding door is never actually that size!  Not that we've seen.  We've worked with metric measurement width of 1800 mm (70-7/8") for our Canadian built Evolution Door and this also seems to often fit, but occasionally some on-site finesse is required.

So enough with this! 

We're building these incredible sliding doors under the same roof as our custom built windows - let's build it all to suit every home and every need.  Away with these one size-fits-some model.  We're going to build your doors properly and in the same production timeline. This means we can now offer a massive selection of glass options and features - previously not available with the 'standard formula'.























The Evolution Door is now built to fit and function like none other.  Loaded with every feature you need and finished with an unparalleled refinement. 

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