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The Sliding Door That You Designed

by Laura Weil


Four years ago, 

on April 8th, 2011 a document was created compiling a Canadian sliding door wishlist here at our window manufacturing plant.  The list started as our own compilation of what we wanted to manufacture, then we took the list on tour to visit customers across the province and gain their feedback and insight.  This list was revised and edited, massaged and refined until it was ready to present to...


Our window systems are designed and extruded by REHAU – a German based company with over 40,000 polymer based construction and automotive products for global applications.  They are a tier 1 supplier to Mercedes and also supplier to Audi, and Nissan for plastic body parts and bumper mouldings. REHAU supplies window and door systems to the most challenging applications – including aerospace.  We were to meet with this behemoth polymer think-tank at their North American head office in Leesburg, Virginia to inform their fleet of engineers that this ‘wish list’ was what our industry needed.

They agreed.


The door was designed to meet our criteria. 
Here are a few items from that list;


provide a more opulent appearance along with REHAU’s premium vinyl finish, currently found with the premium Tilt and Turn door offering

the fixed sash needs to be properly secured in place. The (other) patio door fixed sash has an unsightly sash bumper system, which provides two fastening points between the fixed panel and the door frame.  Our detail for this should be attractive and subtle




multipoint lock as a standard

triple mortice

stainless steel

anti-slam device

dual tandem nylon rollers as a standard

consistent and long term smooth operation of the system is of the utmost importance. This point was reiterated with every group that we discussed this development with

ease of operation for all customers, from retirement home applications through to family dwellings



steel reinforcing for the sash.  Reinforcement to be confined behind two walls of vinyl for the sash.  Reinforcement to be set far enough from the glass pack to prevent thermal conduction, therefore providing ideal thermal performance




The Series2200 Sliding Door is now our fastest growing product offering. Pictures of the door are posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds - which has now generated constant website traffic to our sliding door page.




Our beloved door has been installed into every type of home, building, cottage and workshop.  It has been featured on television, magazines and newspaper articles.  The door is a solid performer and looks fantastic every time.


want to see more?
take a look at the Series2200 Sliding Door details and video here


written by Laura Weil 
sales/service/marketing for EVW 
super proud of this door / super tall woman 


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