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In Through The Out Door

Full disclosure; 2017 was a tough year. 

It was also the year that transformed us into a larger and more efficient company.  We've grown in floor space along with a larger team and subsequently, capacity loads.  This came with further development of our coveted Series 2200 Sliding Door. 









Anyone that has been to our shop, knows that this door is a passion point of ours.  It's a truly Canadian door system that bridges the gap between a basic patio door and glamazon sliding wall systems.  Our door carries attractive detailing paired with thermal efficiencies needed to stay comfortable during our broad range of seasonal climates.  It's a beautiful door, works well and we want to build more of them. 









To do this, we needed more space and large equipment.  It's taken the better part of a year - but we're now at the point where machinery is being set up in our newly expanded space and there is a great vibe throughout the shop, as we prepare to take our door system to the next level of fabrication.









To see how it all started, check out our video on the development, purpose and ideal applications for this sliding door.  

To learn about pricing and timelines - find your local dealer on this map or reach out with any inquiries.

- written by Laura Weil


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