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Throwing Content Around

written by Laura Weil
photographed by Omar Sayyed

Laura Weil content marketing EVW


I sifted through our offices to collect this array of printed marketing material - so I could toss it about in front of a camera.  Some of these articles and images were pinned up in our kitchen and others were sealed up and tucked away.  We keep it all in good shape, because this stuff is important to us.  These pieces of paper with our words and images on them are valued - we've worked it hard!  Over several years we've captured and produced content to compliment our industry.

The primary role here at EVW is to build beautiful windows and doors.  We're also known to be expressive in blogs, articles, photography and social media.  This model has worked well because they have complimented each other so effectively.  We were once warned to not put ourselves out there so much, because it could heighten expectations, and perhaps, we couldn't meet those expectations.  I couldn't agree with that.  In fact, my last blog is highlighting one of the most challenging components of vinyl window manufacturing, along with close up images of our welded windows.  Please, have high expectations, because the images and the content that we continually put out there are legitimate and fueled by a passion for our industry. 

This past week, our summer edition of Fenestration Review magazine came in the mail, all sealed up in a poly-bag.  On the cover of the special edition Entrances is an image of pink door we built and photographed.  We're also featured in an article, have a full page editorial and we included a new piece of literature that I hoped would be unfolded and checked out.  We've spent years curating this content and it was so rewarding to see it come together in one tight package.

Throwing around content has become my marketing formula.  We put ourselves out there in a seemingly unconventional way, to capture your attention and generate imagination.  Everything we build here at EVW is custom.  The more unique the project and application, the more I'm drawn to it.  I hope you enjoy what we've produced so far - I promise there's more to come. 


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