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Top 100 Window & Door Manufacturer

written by Laura Weil

On Tuesday, March 28th 2017, our bundle of mail arrived at the front desk.  It was packaged with the usual rubber band bounding and was a compilation of magazines, invoices and cheques.  The American publication Window & Door Magazine was the outer layer, wrapping all of the other bland bits of mail.  We pulled it apart and I took away the magazines.  More important people get the bills and cheques; I just want the stuff with pictures.  The front of this volume featured a woman working with insulated glass.  It's a good image.  She's focused and on task with her hair pulled up in a no-nonsense bun while wearing well fitted coated gloves, arm protection, proper safety glasses and ear plugs.  Everything about this cover is the right stuff.  Inside is the article featuring a large list of manufacturers ranging from Over $1 Billion in gross annual sales through to Less Than $15 Million. The Top 100 Manufacturers Report is a juggernaut of a list and provides insights on growth trends and distribution models for our industry.  Most of the manufacturers listed in the Over $1 Billion category will manufacture the equivalent of our annual units, but in just one shift.  These are massive companies and are all based across the United States.  The Canadian contingents are, as expected, a smaller force of our North American industry.  I counted twelve Canadian companies - and then there we were.  Out of thousands of window and door manufacturers across North America, the industry has taken notice of us.  A thirty year old company in Woodbridge, Ontario; manufacturing vinyl window and door systems.  

Time for a high-five.

Our management team consists of three people and I'm one of them. Laura Weil, Sales and Marketing Manager; however, I only manage those duties, not any staff.  The majority of sales support and most of our marketing, of which I hope you have seen, comes through personal efforts and is often experimental.  To see our name listed there along with our image, was rewarding.  We have been building premium products for decades with a stringent commitment to key suppliers, a relentless pursuit of cleanliness and refinement, and we proudly boast that the majority of our fabrication team has been with us for most of their working careers.  I hope it is this combination of traits which landed us on the list.  In Woodbridge, Ontario there is an anomaly of window manufacturers.  The predominant operation amongst this regions industrial parks are windows & doors.  We have large vinyl extrusion companies surrounding us and almost every building is home to a supplier or fabricator of our industry. There is even a road called Vinyl Court.  Many of these companies have grown through generations of families and have expanded into multiple commercial units or even moved to larger facilities.  In my sales experience, most retail business owners want to share their story of how unique their geographic business community is.  Here is our tale; we are in the middle of a vinyl-window manufacturing congregation of odd proportions.  There are so many window and door manufacturers here, that no single source knows of them all.  Most of the same hardware, screen and vinyl profile types are accessible.  This is our competition; some of them are loud and predominant, others are ghosts that you'll never hear about or see again.  Differentiation is required.  

Key ingredients to our special recipe;

  • Vinyl profiles are designed in Germany and are precisely extruded in Winnipeg, Manitoba (2,222 km's away)
  • Plant Manager originally managed one of the first vinyl window plants in Ontario (so did his Father)
  • Shop is spotless and so are our windows (trust me, it's not common)
  • Marketing 

Owner of Euro Vinyl Window, Chris Meiorin prefers that the bundle of mail does not include large invoices for advertising.  I've been tasked to garner a broad outreach on a minimal budget.  To do so, I became a content machine and Chris works with me on this.  We write articles for various publications, are active on social media and our approach to literature and blogging is uncommon.  It has cultivated creativity, which in turn generates enthusiasm - especially when we gain recognition and attract new business.  This creativity has also allowed us to align with other creators from various industries and we now feel as though we're in tune with modern day communication and expression.  Our same window systems built twenty years ago are in new unique configurations, with sleek colours and placed in impressive spaces.  All of this generates more content - it's an effective model.  We are in the Under $15 Million sales category, located in the 'Window Zone', are Canadian manufacturers - and are now defined by our industry media as top shelf.

Thank you for featuring us Window & Door Magazine.

written by: Laura Weil
sales/marketing/window geek

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