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URBAN Centre

We went on a plant tour to validate a few things.

URBAN Machinery is the predominant machinery supplier to our window manufacturing shop. If you’ve been through EVW or watched our videos, then you have seen the large welders, heard the saws and corner cleaners in action and likely witnessed our products being finished on pneumatic tilting assembly tables – all of which are coated in a military-toned URBAN green. This week, Chris Meiorin (owner of EVW) and I visited the URBAN Manufacturing - Cambridge, Ontario facility; to check in on our upcoming machinery orders. We also wanted to check in to ensure our long-term partnership was as tight now, as it has been in previous years. In summary; our orders are on track and we left Cambridge feeling the love.

What we have on order will be going into our recently expanded plant. Last year, around this time, we were excitedly promoting the launch of our newly developed Evolution Door manufacturing shop. Within a year, we’ve become efficient and are ready to take the shop to the next level. Key attributes for our needs include an increase to our production capacity along with some fabrication refinements. URBAN Machinery will be instrumental in making this happen. Once everything is in place – you’ll be hearing about it, as we’ve got something special brewing.

What I hope to convey here, are the values this half-day road trip brought to us. Beyond machinery specifications – we spent a considerable amount of time talking with the URBAN team, both in their office and shop floor. We gained a better insight to their multiple locations across Canada and Europe and the way this formula influences their operations. Each location is strategically placed to support one another to ultimately provide full fabrication solutions for a wide array of regional window manufacturing needs. This also relates to the regional safety controls required. Their business dynamic gives off an ‘extended family’ vibe. Other URBAN locations are spoken of like favourite uncles, each with their own unique skills and quirks. The owner, Thomas Urban, is akin to a father figure for everyone involved and is known to spend as much time on the shop floor as possible. Perhaps we’re asking different questions these days or maybe there is a change happening – but we are noticing a lot more communication and warmth emanating from recent plant tours, with an array of our partnered suppliers. It’s also becoming a core component of what we watch and listen for, when considering new suppliers.

We’re seeing and feeling a significant shift in todays leadership. The tone has changed or perhaps it sounds different to us, as it seems less dictatorial and more inclusive. The goals are described with a few new definitions. We’re taking note and appreciate the positive influence in how to cultivate an environment in which collaboration is utilized with all who contribute toward the end goal. Principals including workmanship traits and support of each other along the line, which to us - carries nobility. In the end, once everyone involved has contributed; we will have carefully designed and beautifully fabricated URBAN machinery. This translates to; EVW can continually compound on product consistency, tighten fabrication tolerances so homeowners can rely on their windows for decades, all while offering improved safety solutions for shop operators. It’s completely at the core of what we do and how we are set apart from many other window manufacturers.

So here it is – work in progress! - we’re going to have a few more big-green URBAN machines soon, while striving towards a model of Lean manufacturing and open dialogue – all in an effort to continually do more, do better and keep improving.

See the difference that URBAN equipment makes on our weld strength, in this test lab video


written by Laura Weil
photographed by Chris Meiorin