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Walls Come Down for This Door

written by Laura Weil
sales / marketing / window geek

Only a few years ago, it was all about the feature window.  Curved venetian windows with fancy hoops and swoops would frame the large great room view. It was all about opulence and capturing a glimpse of blue skies.  Now the main glass feature in modern homes includes large sliding doors.  Walls are knocked out and multi-slide doors open up indoor living to outdoor spaces.  It's not just about a view of the sky these days. This emerging design element has shifted to something with a greater purpose.  Large sliding glass doors are designed to encourage an outdoor lifestyle and fresh air through your home.  It's a concept that we're all too happy to work with and we have a beautiful door for this very application.

In fact, we knocked down our walls for it too.

Our shop was originally eight units, with block wall divisions between each area.  As the company grew over 30 years, most of these walls were removed.  With the recent expansion of manufacturing our coveted sliding door with (pretty awesome looking) new machinery, we had some of our own cement blocks to break.  Now with larger and brighter space, we've improved the production workflow.  We're making the door better than before and we're doing it efficiently.

So, we encourage you to open up that back wall in your living area, buy those cool outdoor lights and take in more of your backyard, through our Series2200 Sliding door.  

photos courtesy of Craven Homestead and Colin & Justin and Laura Weil


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