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Window Colour Trends

Colour trends for home exteriors are slower to change than more tangible items, such as clothing and decor.  Over the past five decades we have seen only a few gradual colour shifts.  What was trending in the 70's and 80's dissipated in the 90's.  From there, neutral colours of various saturation levels have reigned supreme.  Follow along this timeline and see what we are anticipating for 2017.











The housing market was booming and the homes were built quickly and efficiently.  Dark browns were commonly used for window profiles, which at that time were mostly wood or aluminum frames.











Vinyl was emerging as an affordable and maintenance-free window frame material.  At this time we saw the colours soften to White, Dover Grey, Ivory and Almond.  Vinyl siding was also gaining popularity and was often in pastel blue, soft yellow and beige tones.











Brick, stone, stucco and siding combinations came together on the same facade and window colours were to tie in these building material hues.  Most manufacturers were still working from a standard set of 6 colours, ranging from Chestnut Brown to Ivory, however it was neutral tones that were emerging.  These new colours were designed to blend in.  This is the decade where Sandalwood, Sandstone, Wicker and Beige were popular.  Most of these colours are on the warmer side of a neutral beige, sometimes even with a pink undertone.  This was a challenging time for window manufacturers to keep up with new colour demands, which on the shop floor, all looked very similar.












Neutral colours started to shift from a warm beige tone to a neutral taupe.  These taupe tones were named Clay, Pebblestone, Desert Sand and Canyon Clay.  Most of these colours have a timeless appeal and are still often used for builds today.














Enough with blending in, the homes built during this decade were not shying away.  The neutral taupes became deep Terra Tone, Charcoal Grey, Terra Bronze and even Black.  Black windows became the colour trend for both traditional and modern homes and are still a current favourite of ours.  The shop floor had a significant contrast between white replacement windows or large black frames for new construction builds - both flowing through the plant together.



This year is almost over and the designs are coming through for 2017 builds.  What we are seeing now are black frames softening to deep greys named Iron Ore and Graphite or a more neutral earthy grey called Windswept Smoke.  We are also seeing requests for Dark Brown.  It appears we've come full circle. 




written by Laura Weil
sales // marketing for EVW


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