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Yes, We Tilt & Turn

The window industry carries odd terminologies. 

If it sounds more like a dance move than a window, you're right.  The maneuver for dancers involves agility and strength as the performer leans to the side, extends their leg up toward the sky into a standing split ~ all while pivoting on the placed foot.  It's an impressive move with tricky maneuvering.  This is something we can relate with, as multiple actions for a window comes with it's own set of challenges. That said; practice makes perfect.

The Tilt & Turn window system is at the root of our business.  Over thirty years ago, it was the only window system built here and was primarily for a local developer.  Vinyl profiles were imported in shipping containers from Italy and the shop was run in a single bay, by a small crew.  Over time, logistics of importing material overseas became troublesome and REHAU became EVW's key supplier.  The new Tilt & Turn profiles were designed in Germany and extruded in Winnipeg, approximately 2,200 km's West of our Toronto-centric shop.  REHAU also introduced other North American window designs to our portfolio.  This included side sliders, double hung and casement windows; allowing the company to grow into the replacement window market and emerge in the industry as a premium producer of German design products for Canadian homes.             

There is still some of the original fabrication equipment in the shop; unplugged and placed like a relic.  Perhaps it is just that.  Our shop now hums to a new tune, with modern manufacturing stations, housed in a larger facility.  Investments have been made in fabricating our coveted tilt & turn window and door system to ensure solid clean welds, along with precision tooling for the complex locking systems.  Tilt & Turn remains our flagship product line and it's growing with well deserved recognition as an unparalleled window design.

Tilt & Turn is the dominant window style in Europe, now gaining popularity among discerning architects, designers and homeowners across North America.  This is likely because of the clean lines it carries, along with minimal hardware.  It's single handle has three positions; downward is locked, horizontal to swing the sash in, or positioned upward to tilt the top of the window in.  When the window is locked or tilted in, the handle is out of the glass sight-line.  It's clean, functional and robust.  Colin and Justin Black Tilt Turn Windows

They also comes in any colour required.  Black interiors reign supreme and this is the ideal window system to work with.  Screens are mounted to the exterior, which maintains a clean interior view.  The hardware is sleek and the interior frames mitered, creating the appearance of a black picture frame around your view.  Contemporary home design and tilt & turn windows are synonymous, as this is the system which aligns with current design aesthetics. 

We are proudly a Canadian company - located just North or Toronto and we specialize in this impressive window and door system.  That said, with gaining popularity, other window manufacturers are looking to jump on board.  

For your consideration, here are a few of our attributes;

  • experience - we have the team and equipment to build your windows properly
  • warranty -  our 25 year warranty has value, as we're a manufacturer with over thirty years of satisfied customers
  • local - we do not import windows or profiles, as this is risky for timelines and may not comply with Canadian certification
  • Canadian - our systems are designed for our homes - imported profiles do not carry provisions for trim accessories or screens
  • friendly - we're here to work with you, as are the experienced regional retailers of our windows and doors

To pay homage to our coveted system, here is how our Tilt & Turn system has evolved over the past 30 years;  

Golden Oak became a popular option in the 90's

Glass divisions with internal and external grilles

Modern design emerges over Colonial

Contemporary windows for today's architecture


Left to Right: Golden Oak warmed 80's interiors // Colonial detailing of the 90's to 00's //  Modern loft living emerges over traditional from 00's to 10's // Contemporary design demands clean minimalist detail for today's infill and transitional homes.

We're glad you've found us and have discovered that we can align with your design criteria.  The tilt and turn window and door system will meet every expectation you have, including interior and exterior finishes, sound dampening, thermal performances for an exceptional barrier from the wide range of weather systems we encounter here in Canada.  We also encourage fine-mesh screens to deter insects from visiting.  

We look forward to working with you on your project - click here to see the location of a retail partner near you.





written by: Laura Weil
sales/marketing/window geek


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