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All About EVW

"Some have the good fortune of a strong family at home. Some have strong ties to their work family. 
I have the good fortune to have both."

Christopher Meiorin




In short, the philosophy of Euro Vinyl Windows has been, and remains, to build the best window and door products we can. This philosophy seems simple enough, however sometimes remains a challenge, especially during economic downturns and being faced with an increase in low priced windows flooding the market. With this, EVW has continued to add value to our products, and work closely with our supply partners to bring the product to market for as competitive a price as possible. This philosophy is rarely questioned or deviated from and remains a benchmark for how we go about our business.

“The level of passion and pride that is displayed at EVW is unparalleled in the industry” says Laura Weil, Sales Manager for EVW.  “It is my key source of motivation.  With that, we have been able to accomplish some amazing achievements.  Our new developments, combined with decades of product refinement, will be the formula for a successful future.”




Christopher Meiorin was part of a small group of investors that founded Euro Vinyl Windows in 1986 and today remains very active in the day-to-day operations as President. Chris’s long time responsibility has been at the sales level, and he continues to enjoy long standing relationships with customers at both a personal and business level.


Mario Canario joined EVW in 2003 as Production Manager after having worked for another Ontario based manufacturer (Repla) for 28 years! When owner, Chris Meiorin set out to replace his business partner and production manager of 17 years, he would not allow compromise in the production process. Mario’s vast knowledge of manufacturing windows, specifically vinyl windows, far exceeded Chris’s expectations.



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