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Integrated Secondary Lock

designed to be unobtrusive, the colour matched lock option is built into the door panel instead of an after-market add-on and is now a standard on all bi-parting sliding doors

with two locking positions:
1st position - closed / locked
2nd position - open three inches for ventilation  

REHAU Integrated Secondary Lock on Sliding Door

Heavy-Duty Rollers

These Ball Bearing Rollers are designed with a larger wheel, which offers smoother gliding & longer life on low-friction Delrin® rollers by DuPont.

Ball Bearing Delrin®  Nylon Rollers

Steel Sash Reinforcement

Set deep within the door system, these heavy reinforcements create a structural rigidity that suits any residential placement as well as many commercial applications.

Beautiful and Structural for Life

Euro Groove Sash

Houses the multipoint locking system inside the channel while providing a deeper area for a stronger roller system. This grooved sash fits into the frame, which creates a tighter barrier from the elements.

Groved Sash fits into the buil-out on the frame for a optimum seal

Triple Lock System

3000lbs of pulling force to ensute that your home is safe and sound.  This three point locking system has opposing locking points and is fully adjustable

Stainless Steel Locking System

privacy glass

Optional privacy glass adds texture and privacy to any room.  At EVW we offer four styles of privacy glass.  Pinhead Glass for a more traditional look,  Silvet Glass when privacy and elegance is desired,  Delta Frosted for semi-privacy and texture or Acid Etched glass for maximum privacy and architectural flexibility

acid etched tempered glass in tilt turn door

interior extensions

To enhance the interior look of your windows, jamb extensions are available in a range of sizes as primed finger-joint pine and poplar.  Maintenance-free extruded vinyl extensions are also available in a mechanically fit finish or a sealed welded finish.  All jamb extensions are factory-applied to ensure a perfect structural fit with the window or door profile

Vinyl Jambs and Wood Jambs Available


An array of exterior brickmould trims are available to complete the finish of your windows and doors.  The brickmould covers the rough opening between the frame and wall and are available in a series of different dimensions to suit your application

Brickmould Finishing
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Brickmould
1 1/4" Brickmould
2" Decorative Brickmould
3 1/4" Deep Brickmould

interior texture wood grain

With more than 30 years of time-tested applications, you can now have the look and feel of stained wood inside of your home while maintaining all of the benefits of maintenance free and energy efficient vinyl windows and doors. Textures wood grain windows will not change their appearance for the entire life of the window in spite of sun, wind, rain and frost.  They only need minimal cleaning and never need painted.  They are industrially and permanently bonded to the pvc profiles. The Golden Oak wood grain pattern is applied to all exposed interior surfaces for a seamless finish.

completed wood grain interior finish
golden oak interior finish
Golden Oak close up of detail

simulated divided lite - SDL

More than just a grille, these surface mounted grille bars create a unique and distinctive multi-pane effect known as simulated divided lites.  Euro applies a profiles uPVC mullion to the exterior and interior surfaces of the glass.  A custom-fitted grill between the panes completes the effect.  SDL's contoured profile compliments the window and door sashes for classic millwork detailing.

flat SDL for contemporary applications
contoured SDL available in high-profile and low-profile

internal grilles

our collection of decorative internal grilles offer a range of styles, colours and patterns for all EVW windows and doors

colonial internal grilles provide a traditional appearance
pewter grilles for a subtle detail
prairie border grille pattern
craftsman grilles provides abalance between a visual break and a clear view

better view screen

The formula for this screen cloth is a finer gauge fiberglass thread that is woven tighter than conventional screening.


  • better light transmittance
  • improved airflow
  • increased air protection
  • freaks your pet out when they don't see it
  • flame retardant
  • better curb appeal


better view screens - fine mesh for increased visibility

simple screen

Designed to blend in with the welded corner of the window, this new screen incorporates pressure mount pins hidden within the screen bar.  With it's clean fit and finish, it is everything you want in a screen

45 degree mitred corner

heavy gauge extruded aluminum screen

no visible pins

internal spring and pin system for pressure mount application

stays in place and is effortless to remove

pinless screen with mitred corners