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The couple wanted a home that feels current, and is comfortable, efficient and easy to maintain for the long term. They also wanted a home-centric type of living experience, with all their interests and pursuits accommodated on site, including metalwork, woodwork, music recording, exercise, and gardening. The design of the home needed to give space for these activities, all within the tight lot.
-photo by Nanne Springer

Solares Architecture - kitchen interior with white tilt&turn windows

Paris House

The challenge

Paris House is the culmination of an in-depth search for a place to call home during retirement. The owners are a retired couple from Toronto who wanted to live car-free in a small town, walking distance from all the things of daily life. Their search led them to this infill site in Paris, Ontario, perched atop a rise in the land only a five minute walk from the centre of town.

Our solution

Ease of use and maintenance were key. Our PVC framed tilt&turn windows, sliding doors and hinged doors were used throughout.
Black finished exterior frames compliment the sharp detailing while interiors are kept white for a bright airy environment.
For full project insights, visit solaresarchitecture/parishouse

Solares Architecture

The windows that bring in the bright light and lovely views are Euro Vinyl windows supplied by Glasshaus.

The products